Services and Technologies

The Sira Industrie - Die cast Division production plants specialise in the realisation of die casting for the mechanical (car and motorcycle), building and medical sectors.
In particular, Sira Industrie - Die cast Division is committed to:

  • Engineering consultancy of the item to be produced using die casting;
  • Design and manufacture of moulds for die casting with flow simulation;
  • Top quality rough or processed aluminium alloy small or wide range die casting;
  • Realisation of die casts following a drawing with high dimensional precision;
  • Production of aluminium alloy pressure die casting parts, also with very complex shapes, with thickness less than 1.5 mm;
  • Mechanical precision processes: flash, milling, turning, cold set, drilling, threading, boring, smoothing;
  • Top quality finishings: sanding, barrel finishing, polishing, phosphochromatising, painting, anodisation, passivation, cataphoresis, brushing, chrome-plating, buffing, hard oxidation treatments, PTFE treatment;
  • Impregnation with resins to guarantee sealing also at high temperatures 700°C above the melting point of aluminium;
  • Analysis and quality control during all production cycles;
  • Pre-assembly of components and packaging;
  • Logistic services and short, medium and long term storage.

The Sira Industrie - Die cast Division production plants are fitted with a range of completely robotised and automated die casting cells. The cells are made up from a total of 49 presses with power going from 250 tons to 2000 tons, covering a wide range of small and large products. Constant supervision by qualified operators guarantees the top quality of every piece. Process automation and organisational efficiency allow Sira Industrie - Die cast Division to offer large scale top quality products and quick delivery.

A photo gallery can be found at the side showing a few of the die cast products realised by Sira Industrie - Die cast Division.