Sira Industrie – Die Cast Division

Sira Industrie - Die Cast Division is the new division of Sira Industrie specialised in die casting aluminium alloys, the manufacture of moulds for die casting, in connected mechanical processes and assembly of components. Sira Industrie - Die Cast Division was established to respond to the requests of an increasingly more advanced and demanding market, looking for total quality and product development.

Made strong by the experience accumulated in over 50 years of activity, as of today Sira Industrie – Die Cast Division is a modern and efficient example of a multinational company with three manufacturing hubs (2 in Italy, 1 in China) able to design, manufacture, preassemble, store and ship products worldwide.

Our production plants:

  • Emilpress, Serravalle di Berra in the Province of Ferrara (Italy);
  • Sirpress, Nusco in the Province of Avellino (Italy);
  • Sinapress, Jinghai (China).

Our technically and productively interchangeable plants specialise in the realisation of die casting in the mechanical, building and medical sectors.

The synergy between these plants, the in-depth knowledge of the technologies used and economic and financial soundness allow us to supply our Customers with global solutions for advanced die casting.